What is this???

I hope “this” will develop into a lively virtual conversation about some aspects of how to apply the laws of mathematics and physics to solve problems using computers. In order to address many people, I will try to use open source software in the examples wherever it is possible. I’m interested in the history of science and the ideas of people having pushed it as well.

Because most of my examples will be inspired by geodesy, geophysics or astronomy, resp., I decided to summarise these subjects by the name “Carolo” in the title of this blog. This is meant as a tribute to the great former scientist Johann Carl Friedrich Gauß. In fact, “Carolo” appears as Latin version of his second German Christian name on the title page of his “Disquisitiones arithmeticae”.

Many Europeans and probably wine connoisseurs all around the world will know that “Barolo” is a famous red wine produced in Italy. According to the region of Italy where most of my practical examples will originate from, I should have chosen “Montepulciano” instead, but that does not rhyme on “Carolo”.


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